There have been quite a few tweaks to the moors lately and today we also met another member of the team working with Orion on the on-going attention being paid to the Moors.  Kelsan put up a pretty short post on the forums talking about the plan as well as a short introduction.  The ideas are rather vague but certainly a good swath of things to look into.

  • Revitalization
    • Improve the underlying systems!
      • Reduce or remove restrictions (example – recent updates to Creep intros)
      • Reward Structure
        • PvMP Exclusive rewards
        • Enhanced PvMP Advancement
        • Rewards for zone control
      • Encourage play during off-peak hours
    • Balance (He admits this is very challenging)
      • Skill rotation audits
        • Balancing purpose, effectiveness, and cooldowns
        • revise existing skills instead of adding new
      • Close the gap between melee and ranged, but not totally nerfing ranging into oblivion
    • Unify the goals of the freeps and creeps such that it is a more cohesive system
      • examine the purpose for ranking on both sides
      • examine the reasons and rewards for zone control

Certainly a good read and I’m sure the thread following it will be quite interesting as well!