Easily the most popular class in Lord of the Rings: Online the Hunter brings excellent ranged damage, and the ability to swiftly travel with his fellowship across Middle Earth but at a cost.

As Hunters engage in combat they gain Focus through the use of skills, and special strikes.  Once they have built up enough focus they can unleash even more devastating strikes on their foes.  As the Hunter progresses, he gains the ability to increase his focus rapidly both before combat and during it making him one with his foes and a master at bring swift death to the allies of Mordor.

For all the benefits of the Hunter there comes a price, hunters are restricted to light and medium armours, and do not have the ability to “tank” foes that classes such as the Guardian or the Warden do.  Their inability to use shields reduces their critical defence ratings and overall armour value.


Race Restrictions: All Races may play a Hunter

Primary Role:  Damager

Hunters are able to deal devastating ranged damage. Their ability to gain proficiency with all one handed weapons, combined with their dual wield ability gives them the means to quickly deal with those foes who do not fall to their arrows.  Be warned though their high DPS values come at a price, hunters while capable in melee combat do not have the hardiness of some other classes.  The proficiency in laying traps and snares give the hunter additional time to attack his foes from a distance, while his abilities to slow opponent movement, and deal damage over time make a skilled hunter a force to be reckoned with anywhere in Middle Earth.


Hunters in Solo Play

Hunters make excellent Solo Play characters, their ranged DPS means as long as you can avoid pulling multiple mobs you can generally take down a considerable amount of an opponents morale before engaging in melee combat.  The hunters weaker armour value and  critical defense ratings tend to lead the solo hunter to try and attack from maximum range when possible.  Hunters also have slow, and damage over time attacks which increase damage output while leaving the hunter room to fall back from melee combat when necessary and possible, in the event of close quarter combat the hunter can daze an opponent in order to buy a few moments to use heal potions, abilities, or manoeuvre to better advantage.  At higher levels the hunter gains the ability to root several targets at once, making dealing with groups of mobs much easier.  The ability to augment their damage output and effects of some ranged skills through the use of weapon oils, and their ability to lay down snares and traps can greatly increase the survivability of the Solo Hunter.


Hunters in Fellowships

Hunters are a welcome addition to fellowships during skirmishes and raids, though be warned hunters easily draw threat and can be overwhelmed. The group hunter should use the Endurance, or Precision Stance, at lower levels, which greatly reduces the amount of threat they generate.  Hunters in groups generally stand back and attack from a distance while guardians, wardens, or captains “tank” high morale, or large groups of mobs.  The use of snares and traps can greatly assist in the survivability of a group is used correctly.

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