Today’s update features a Studio Insider on combat animation. Principal Lead Animator Mark How, takes us through the process of creating combat animations, from drawing board to finished product.

Also featured as part of this week’s update is the Community Q&A.
Gabe Ametangelo, Lead PvP Designer, replies to questions regarding player versus player combat.

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In “Studio Insider: Combat Animation“, Courtney Woods said:
With each Studio Insider, members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic development team take you behind the scenes to give you an inside look at the work that goes in to making the game. This week, Principal Lead Animator Mark How discusses the work that goes in to creating the animations for combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Hi. My name is Mark How and I am the Principal Lead Animator at BioWare Austin. Many ideas have been dreamt up since the inception of this extraordinary game and the animation team has been hard at work since the very beginning. While we see each project as a challenge, we have a lot of fun imagining all sorts of unique, action-packed scenarios that can play out in The Old Republic. Of course, the main purpose of animation is to produce characters that adhere to the basic laws of physics, but good animation also ties into many other facets of game design. Today, I’ll tell you about our experiences and techniques that go in to our creating the animations that compliment the exciting and visceral combat in The Old Republic!

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