In today’s post I wanted to do a little fan based contribution.

Looking at Wrath of Heroes, I think about many things.  The most common thought that comes up is “What would the lore be to allow for something like Wrath of Heroes be if it was a game I could pick up from the Games Workshop?”  I have thought long and hard about this and I decided to toss it out to the Community for your consumption, as well as hope to see if we can get more members to exercise their creative parts.

So…If I was to create the background for Wrath of heroes, this is how I would see it.  I know it will not be perfect and probably full of flaws, but

Feung StonesA set of ancient and powerful artifacts existing in both the physical realm and the warp, scattered throughout the world rumored to be created by The Old Ones during their fight with The Powers of Chaos to once and for all banish and contain the dark lords and their powers.  Each is an oval stone encased with crystal and inscribed with runes.  One by itself would be almost useless, but when combined in mass the true power of this weapon would be realized.  When activated it would absorb all that lied within it’s radius of influence and trap it within a pocket dimension, fracturing sentient beings into hundreds upon thousands of smaller parts diluting the power of the original, separating it evenly into each one of the parts.  Each one of these parts would hold the knowledge, memories, and personality of the original, all thinking that they are the true original.  When one of the parts was defeated by another it would fracture once again into multiple parts, and the combined power of all would be spread evenly once again.  While being trapped within the dimensional prison a desire to escape would develop in those imprisoned.  Unknown to those imprisoned the only way to escape would be to defeat all others imprisoned, and as the dire to fight for their escape and all thinking that they are the true original, the imprisoned would be forever stuck in fighting for their freedom.  The intent was to lure the Chaos Gods into a trap that would allow The Old Ones weapon to trap their power for all eternity, but the chance was had to be taken, and the purpose of the stones would become lost in time.

Scholars of the Empire discovered one of these ancient stones in Lustria during an expedition and spent years attempting to decipher it’s use.  The confidence of man was it’s own curse.  Discovering only that it was a weapon to defeat ones enemies and the key to activating it through the study of other artifacts discovered from expeditions throughout the years, they were unaware of it’s true purpose and the power it possessed, or even the knowledge that their was in fact more than one.  Confident in their knowledge and desperate to win in the campaign against Tchar’zanek and his Raven Host, they put a plan into action that would seal the fate of many champions throughout the lands.  They took the stone to the front lines in Praag, and readied it’s use to defeat Tchar’zanek.  What happen next, no one could have expected.  At a critical point in the battle the Scholars activated the stone, and with this activation the other stones throughout the world activated as well.  The sky became bright with uncontrollable energies as the ancient weapons activated.  The stones were old, some damaged or even destroyed, and this reduced the capacity and power of the devices as a whole.  Just as the energies were released, the power dissipated and all stones fractured and crumbled into dust.  Those now imprisoned fight for the rest of eternity jumping from battlefield to battlefield never knowing a reprieve from their prison.

Yes I know it is not perfect, and it could use much expanding upon, but I think it is a good start.

I leave you today with a question.

What background would you give Wrath of Heroes?

As always…