It’s been an exciting first month since the launch of The Secret World and we are grateful so many players are enjoying our game. This world comes to life through YOU, the players. To thank you for your continued interest, we are celebrating the First Month of The Secret World with new content, special prizes, and weekend access for your friends!


From Friday, August 3rd at 4pm GMT until Monday, August 6th at 7am GMT, we invite you and your friends to participate in this exciting celebration!


New content

On the 31st of July we will release our first monthly content update, The Secret World – Issue #1. New content to explore, new stories and mysteries to uncover.


Help the people

Your task, if you choose to accept it: During the celebration weekend running from August 3-7, solve 30 in-game missions to help those in need and receive a special in-game t-shirt and 1200 bonus points.


Brighten the sky

Free fireworks for everyone! During the celebration weekend, you will be able to claim fireworks – 15 per character – in the in-game Item Shop for free! Brighten the sky and lighten the mood in these dark days, it’s time to party!


Be on top

We know our players are dedicated, but we want everyone to see it! During the celebration weekend, we will have a special leader board, showing the 100 most dedicated mission solvers in The Secret World universe.


Everyone can join in

We want to share the joy with as many people as possible! Any player, who has any type of The Secret World account, may join us over the weekend to celebrate our first month! Early Access, Inactive Accounts, and Beta Accounts may all join in! If you do not currently have an account for The Secret World, you may register to participate starting today, Friday, July 27th, to have open access to this special celebration weekend! You can find the celebration event registration on the right side of the official website! You may download the game here.


Join us in our First Month Celebration, exploring the depths of The Secret World!