The kind folks over at Bioware have released a new video showing a sneak peak at Makeb, the central planet for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion due this spring.  In addition to 5 additional levels raising the level cap to 55 players will pre-ordered the Digital Expansion before Jan. 7th will receive 5 days of early access along with 3 gift items.  Those who order it after that date will be receiving 3 gift items only.    The gift items are….

  1. The Dr. Oggurobb Hutt Holostatue – appears that it will work as a skill trainer similar to the Darth Malgus and Grand Master Satele Shan Holostatues.
  2. The “Scourage of the Hutts” ingame Title.
  3. A The Makrin Seedling Mini-Pet.

You can still order the digital expansion HERE for $9.99 for subscribers, and $19.99 for Prefered and Free to Play players.