Orcs in NeverwinterYour adventures ahead in Neverwinter will be an exciting and rewarding one. However, you must be wary of the dangers that await. From the smallest creatures to the most imposing, do not take any encounters lightly or they may be your last in the Forgotten Realms. Travel cautiously with your party as you dungeon delve and explore the darkest regions of Neverwinter.

During your travels, you will encounter creatures known as Orcs. Orcs have always been a race unto themselves and a threat to the civilized cultures of Faerûn for as long as anyone can remember. Early legends even speak of the orc god Gruumsh having lost his eye in battle with Corellon, god of the eladrin and elven races.

Their race’s history is cloaked in mystery and very little is known about their ancestors. However, what is known is a tragic tale of deceit, betrayal, and a clear delineation of the orc line. King Obould XVIII of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows sent a vanguard of orcs to explore options in Neverwinter. But the commander he entrusted with the task – the power-hungry Vansi Bloodscar – far exceeded her orders. Rather than report back about the city’s state, she pressed through its walls and established a base in the Cloak Tower, claiming territory in Neverwinter’s ruined northern half in the old Tower District.

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