There comes a time in the life of every great individual, when they must step back and evaluate what it was that allowed them to achieve greatness.  For Richard Garriott the time has come, and he has announced a firm title for the UltimateRPG project.  15 years since he last produced a fantasy RPG, he is returning the the genre he helped create with Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues.  I recently was graced with an opportunity to sit down and discuss this upcoming title with Lord British himself, and the answers to my humble questions were all that I could hope for and more.  Please enjoy these videos as we gear up and prepare to travel down roads we once knew, and prepare to forge our way into a bold new world, crafted by a master of the trade.

 Shroud of the Avatar Catacombs

Shroud of the Avatar is promising to bring us all back to our RPG roots, while blending with modern age staples.  The art oozes classic RPG, the dark murky dungeon where our brave adventurers will face various foes.

[NoImgStyle]Shroud of the Avatar Dragon[/NoImgStyle][NoImgStyle]Shroud of the Avatar Dungeon[/NoImgStyle]

Familiar enemies and new dangers alike with threaten the peace of this new world.

Players will become an important part of this new world, with the game being playable offline only to have their process sync with the persistent world when they connect.  You will be able to become a living breathing resident helping shape this new world, even when you are traveling in your current one.  Players will be as mentioned able to acquire houses, becoming residents in one of the cities, villages, or towns scattered around the map.  Have multiple friends interested in joining you?  Petition to have a new town added to the game for your own community, become craftsmen or adventurers the choice is yours.

Shroud of the Avatar Town


Don’t get comfortable in your new city,  as a citizen you will be responsible for keeping your new home town safe.  Evil forces will attack cities, restricting your ability to conduct trade, and interact with others in your community.  Raise the militia and join ranks with your fellows and drive these enemies back and save your town!

Shroud of the Avatar Town Siege

Siege Engines! In this case the classic Catapult.

Keep an eye out on the Kickstart campaign, contributing has it’s benefits.  Lower tier contributions will assure your copy of the game, while middle tiers will grant Beta access.  For those willing to contribute liberally premium real estate will be reserved for you to enjoy.