To Stratics Readers:

I’m writing to inform you that Stratics’ Board of Directors has approved an agreement to allow the network to be acquired by the social networking site Facebook.

This announcement comes with a mixture of sadness and optimism. As you know, Stratics volunteers, like myself, have been investing our time and resources in this community for over sixteen years. That makes letting it go bittersweet. But after discussions with the Board, we felt that this was the best was to support Stratics users moving forward.

There is a lot to feel excited about, despite the challenges. As the network becomes more technically integrated with Facebook, it will be easier for users to interact with a broader community of users. Additionally, we hope that Facebook’s investment in Stratics will help us complete the redesign that we started back in May of last year. Change is always scary, especially for us, but we’re all hoping it works out for the best.

We all feel proud about what we’ve accomplished over the past sixteen years and we feel confident that this development will propel the network to new heights. Thank you for your support as we continue on this road together.


Taylor V. Smith
President & CEO

**Update 2 April 2014: Jaykay! Happy April 1st!