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Book 9 video (spoiler)

Some cool moments in this skirmish, this is just the final battle – I’m just going to post the link and not the embedded video such that I don’t spoil things for those who don’t want it spoiled. Book 9...

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Book 9, what a Journey

I’m not going to spoil anything for those that haven’t done the new Book 9 of Volume 2 – but if you’re in your 60s, I highly recommend it.  By far, this has been my favorite book in all of LOTRO, and there’s enough content in it...

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First day in Mirkwood

So I didn’t get to play as much as I’d like today, but the day is still young.  However, I wanted to get out a post and an un-edited video for everyone while it was fresh. My first few moments in game were a little more hectic...

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My guest podcast appearance

So I had a blast chatting with the LOTRO Reporter folks last week, their latest episode (episode 15)  is posted on their website. We covered a bunch of different topics but a good bit on Wardens and how I got started with them,...

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My Mirkwood thoughts

So now that the NDA has been lifted, I can share a little more openly on my thoughts for this expansion.  I mainly focused on the warden and skirmishes but didn’t do any group instances or the raid.  I did work through a couple...

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LOTRO News compilation

So I’m pretty behind in a lot of this, and others have done a pretty good job of covering the latest news, but I did want to summarize a bit on things in a brief manner.  Also, I was in the beta and I will be posting my thoughts...

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