So I’m pretty behind in a lot of this, and others have done a pretty good job of covering the latest news, but I did want to summarize a bit on things in a brief manner.  Also, I was in the beta and I will be posting my thoughts on other items here as we go.  I will also post my thoughts on beta in general as I’ve been in quite a few of them.

Latest WarCry Dev chat (Link)

A couple of notable things on the good side first :

  • the minstrel heal root is going to be fixed
    • About time!!
  • the level 50 class quest items (CD/Uru items) will be barterable from skirmishes
    • Love this change
  • More cosmetic items as skirmish barter items
    • I have snaps of my first item I’m getting on live…
  • Reforged 2nd age axes for Wardens are coming

But on the bad side:

  • no new traits or legendaries with the expansion.
  • Traits will be capped at 10 for the foreseeable future
  • wardens confirmed to not getting any sort of agro “catch-up” if we die
    • not really a surprise – but I did like the response, basically “you’re doing it wrong”

The first 2 on the bad side for me are really bad.  Sadly I knew this was coming as I was in beta, but I was really hoping this would get addressed and we’d see something better.  There’s really no excitement for me to level my toon other then the content.

Developer Diary on the new raid cluster with Mirkwood – Link

Developer Diary on the combat changes – Link (more in my upcoming beta post)

New Lorien Gold Leaf quests are coming with Mirkwood! – Link

New version of Cstats is up, which will allow for better parsing taking into account DoTs – Link