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LOTRO Patch Day

As a reminder today is Patch Day for LOTRO, downtime is expected to last until 10AM Eastern so hopefully it won’t be down too much longer then planned. One very important item for those of you using Lua Plugins, there were...

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DPS Meters in LOTRO

Ok, before everyone flips out about this, I’ll preface this post by saying everything below has been available in LOTRO for a long time via the CStats tool. As some of you may or may not have noticed, a new Lua plugin was added...

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Lua Plugins in Action

I’ve talked about Lua quite a bit but finally created a couple of videos to walkthrough the new Lua plugins as well as show them in action.  After a number of days beating my head against the wall with my video settings, I have...

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My New Lua User Interface

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of the F2P launch was the introduction of Lua Scripting.  I posted one of my beta videos a while back and was very excited about the Dev Diary as well.  Now that I’ve finally gotten...

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