I’ve talked about Lua quite a bit but finally created a couple of videos to walkthrough the new Lua plugins as well as show them in action.  After a number of days beating my head against the wall with my video settings, I have finally figured out how to do audio, so you get to hear me walk through the options and comment on various aspects.  I haven’t worked out all the kinks quite yet, but please feel free to let me know if you have comments or suggestions.  Also, if you want to see how to do some quick macros/aliases to make this all a bit easier, check out my previous post on this topic.

The first video walks through a couple of my favorite plugins and the options available for them all with the scenic view of Enedwaith in the background.

[youtube L7Xn2gBONL0]

The second shows these plugins in action during one of the encounters in the Rift Skirmish.

[youtube G_jXZXL-xI8]

Here are the links to the plugins at LOTRO Interface:

Buff Bars


Tonic Bars