I saw this update over on MMorsel.com and really couldn’t believe how much of an uptick LOTRO has seen with the F2P launch.  Now I will also caveat (MMorsel does the same) that we’re not totally sure how they’re coming up with these numbers but they do seem to make sense looking at the last weeks of August.  The site is a German site, but thanks to Google Translate you can find out some information, but still not a complete explanation.  The first thing that jumped out at me was the massive spike in the number of logins as they’re reporting over 200K logins per week per server!  The other aspect that MMorsel focuses on is that the F2P launch has re-shuffled the servers a bit and the previous top 3 are no longer the most populated servers.

I was quite pleased to see Silverlode close the gap on the higher population servers.  It still is a middle of the road server but is no longer 1/3 or 1/2 of the higher population servers.

I know I’m seeing quite an uptick of folks not only out in Enedwaith but quite a bunch in the lower areas as I level up my Champion.  Are the rest of you seeing roughly a 10x population increase?