1999-06-24: Fire Lights Up The Night At Summer Solstice

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Lake Superior Edition

Fire Lights Up The Night At Summer Solstice

Author: Jayde of Yew Published: June 24, 1999

Far and wide, the crowd gathered ’round, as the night sky lit up with a huge bonfire in Yew Town Square last evening. Hosted by the Yew Town Council, upon the conclusion the fifth meeting of the High Council held in the nearby Court of Truth, the evening began at the bonfire with an address by Mayor Ethan Rywillow.

The crowd appeared to be in a festive mood as they left the meeting, and eager for the party to start. (Or perhaps they were just thirsty from the dry words of the political gathering. It is not proper for this reporter to speculate.) Seen departing from the High Council meeting was Seer Bastet; those arriving at meeting’s conclusion would be a slight bit curious as to the business she would present before the governing body this summer evening, as she has been linked to investigations surrounding a mysterious frozen woman visibly trapped in the Ice Dungeon. She too appeared in a jovial mood as the merry crowd made its way to the opening ceremony.

In his opening remarks the mayor thanked the crowd for attending and ran down the agenda for the rest of the night, including a much anticipated drinking contest. Rumor has it bottles of the “ Yew SummerWine" (a rare release from the private cellars of the esteemed owner of the Yew Winery) were graciously donated as prizes for this event. Additionally, the Litha Festival featured a darts contest, a chicken free for all, a treasure hunt, a team campfire lighting contest (the kindling piles spelled out "YEW” when lit), and of course, plenty of food and beverage for all as many couples and travellers alike partook of the glorious fire over the course of the evening.

The night proceeded in a festive, yet subdued manner befitting the lifestyle and community of Yew as many would wind their way back to the campfire between events to catch up on news, both formal and speculatory gossip, but eventually the hour drew late as many festival attendees carried the party elsewhere, be it tavern or home, drunk on wine and happiness, filled to the brim with food, and the bonfire twigs carried the last smoldering embers to ashes.

The Town Cryer wishes to remind everyone to stay safe out there during this summer season, and if you must drink, don’t gate.

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