With the announcement of no beta test this past weekend via Facebook, we are left with an explanation and an interesting and possible hidden message within the post.

Currently in Wrath of Heroes we have The Arena, Black Fire Pass, and Mourkain Temple. Each of these scenarios is fun in it’s own right, but with the latest announcement we here at WAR Stratics wonder if there is some hidden message to be deciphered. The part in question is this

“We are preparing a new version of WoH and currently busy running through labyrinthine corridors in our internal tests. ”

Now we could be reading too much into it, but it does make us wonder why that specific wording was used. For the beginning of beta 6, does this mean we are looking at a possibility of 4 scenarios?

Now 4 scenarios does not sound like a lot, but for Wrath of Heroes it would be a good start if they are planning on releasing it soon. (one can only hope)

I myself enjoyed it from the start when I was first able to play it back in July of last year. Playing “What is love” and singing along as I systematically had almost everyone focus fire me, not due to skill alone, but with the amount of smack talk I was dishing out, it was a given that I would be a target. It was truly a wild time.

Either way if a new scenario is coming or not, the amount of changes that have taken place, a lot due to feedback from those testing it, the game has come a long way.

So lets keep an eye out for the next beta dates, and an update on changes in this next version.