2001-01-30: The Ceremony

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Drachenfels Edition

The Ceremony

Author: Ertil Turain, Master of the Ceremony Published: January 30, 2001

Ertil Turain, Master of the Ceremony was quite nervous. He had to organize one of the greatest Ceremonies he had ever seen and still there was so much to do. He first inspected the road for the Parade and ordered it to be decorated with lanterns and lined with wheat sheaves. At the same time he planned to decorate the Throne room befitting so important a Ceremony. New banners and braziers were ordered to the Britain merchants. The list of the food ordered for the dinner after the ceremony was also a long one: Roast Pigs, Sausages, Bread, cakes, and a dozen other delicacies. Premier wines had also been ordered from Yew, as well as stout ales ordered specifically for the great day. The Ceremony Guests would be the members of the Order of the Counselors, known and respected all over Britainnia. It was an honor to have such guests for the Ceremony. Lord Railton himself was in charge of greeting and honoring them during the Ceremony. Still, the Ceremony was still missing a contingent of Ceremony Guards for the Parade. Where to find them and how to train them before the Ceremony? “Well, better to leave these problems to the experts," thought Ertil and he called one of the Captains of the Guard. The master of the Ceremony explained his problem to the Captain, and asked whether he knew where to recruit some good citizens to be Ceremony Guards for the Parade. The captain decided to accept the challenge. It would not be an easy task, but if there were a solution he would find it. He walked around the town, speaking with different folk, spreading the news that he was recruiting Citizens to be part of the Ceremony Guard. He then traveled to the Warriors’ Guild and waited to see if any Citizens were interested in accepting to position. To his great surprise, a veritable army of men and women came to the Guild asking to be part of the Ceremony Guard. The Captain recruited thirty brave warriors from the gathered throng, and led them to the Chamber of Virtues where he presented them with their uniforms and organized them into five equal contingents. He then decided to put Sir Eton in charge of the detachment of Ceremony Guards. For each contingent, another Guard was given the position of leader. Each group trained for the parade until they were able to work and think as a unit. It was amazing to see how well these citizens could work together. The Captain knew that he had accomplished his task. Soon after the first Guests began to arrive in the Chamber of Virtues to participate in the Ceremony, one contingent escorted Lord Railton to the Castle. The parade began when the first unit began to march towards Castle British. Citizens stopped to gaze upon this magnificent parade with a sense of respect for the Order of the Counselors as it wound its way along the roads of Britain. While the Order of the Counselors was marching towards Castle British, the Ceremony Guards took their places in the Throne Room, in perfect formation under the supervision of Sir Eton. All was in order as the Guests entered the throne room. Each Guest was saluted by the many Citizens who came to assist with the Ceremony, and Lord Railton officially welcomed them. Lord Railton then regaled the audience with his customarily impressive words, honoring the deeds and actions of such a respected order: "I am glad to see how many have come to this ceremony to honor the heroes of Britainnia. We are here to honor an entire order, whose goal is to help and assist all citizens, whether they be dread or glorious lord, of Britainnia. They are the custodians of knowledge and wisdom, always ready to share their insight with all citizens - and for that we must surely thank and respect them!" "For these reasons we have gathered here today to honor them, to show them their significance and value, to all the citizens of Britainnia." "I cannot, and dare not, imagine Britainnia without the Order of the Counselors. They are part of our world and they are the brightest example of the Spirit of Our Lands!" "What better way to thank these courageous and altruistic citizens then to honor them during a Public Ceremony. For this reason, this very Ceremony has been organized as a day for all the citizens to celebrate the Heroes.” As Lord Railton finished with his address, he stepped aside to allow Counselor Windwalker and Counselor Brethil a moment to speak. After the speeches had concluded, it was time for a truly magnificent dinner. The celebratory banquet was served in the two dining rooms of the Castle. All could come to enjoy the fine foods and libations, and to speak with the members of the Order of the Counselors.

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