2006-10-13: A Heroine's Welcome Home

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A Heroine's Welcome Home / ヒロインの帰郷

Author: Saax Pannae Published: October 13, 2006

Yesterday’s problems at Castle British came to a swift and eventful end after a surprise appearance by Sherry the Mouse, who managed to almost single handedly chase off the horde of rats invading the castle grounds. For all her bravery she was quick to thank all the assembled citizens and guards who helped defend what she considers her home.

She seemed as surprised as anyone about the sudden incursion by the rats, but attributed it to weaknesses in the castle foundation. She even went so far as to explain that the rats seem to have broken into old underground vaults, something that would account for the strange coins several of the rats seemed to be carrying.

The Royal Commander, who seemed most enthused that Sherry had returned, asked her what sort of reward she wished for aiding in the defense of the castle and its treasures. Sherry explained that she had meant to return for good, and asked only the boon of a pillow to sleep upon! Taken aback, the Commander was happy to have the arrangements made, and we at the BNN look forward to more formal welcoming ceremony in the near future.

Note: Our readers may remember that Sherry, long missing from the intrigues of court and the castle environs, was the purported author of a famous book entitled “My Story.” A fascinating tale of the events surrounding Lord Blackthorn’s detachment from Lord British ’s council, it was long regarded by many scholars to be mere fiction, as the veracity of the author’s work could never be verified. When questioned by the BNN, Sherry was quick to point out that she was, in fact, the rightful author of the work.

ブリタニア城で発生した問題は、迅速に事多きを経て、突如姿を現したねずみのシェリー(Sherry the Mouse)が片手を振って大ネズミたちを追い払うことによって終息した。シェリーは、故郷を守るために共に立ち上がってくれた市民や衛兵に対して、すばやくも華麗な身のこなしで感謝を告げた。



【補足】 読者諸兄は、法廷とブリタニア城を取り巻く策略によって失脚したシェリーが、『My Story』と題された本の著者であると噂されたことを覚えているかもしれない。しかし、ブラックソンがロード・ブリティッシュの評議会を離れるあたりの出来事について綴られた魅力的な話は、著述の正しさを確かめることができず、学者たちの間では長い間単なる作り話であると考えられていた。 BNNの取材に対して、シェリーはこの本が真実を元にして書かれたものであることを明らかにした。

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