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Chaos Will Prevail!
Aug 5, 2015
Chaos Will Prevail


The Hand of Chaos is a casual Roleplay, PvM Hunting and Community guild.

Our roots stem from the Europa Roleplay Community, starting as a pure RP guild; but due to the changing state of the playerbase we have adapted and become a more hunting and just friendly community orientated guild.
You do not have to be a roleplayer, we just roleplay casually at EM events that we try to attend as a guild reguarly; but if you don't want to roleplay then thats up to you :).

A brief explanation of the RP behind the Hand of Chaos is basically that we are a sort of order black knights dedicated to spreading the principle of Chaos created by Lord Blackthorn. We are completely loyal to King Blackthorn and have even acted as his personal guard in the past.

One of our main focus's these days is hunting. We have a hunt night once a week in which I will collect keys for peerless, or we will do a champ spawn, or despise or whatever takes our fancy. With such a long list of different bosses and such to hunt, we try to hunt everything there is to hunt in the game so we all experience everything there is to offer.
The hunt night varies from week to week as peoples' playtimes vary and we want everyone to be able to take part.
Hunting is not restricted to one night a week either, we have spontaneous hunts if people are on on whatever day if people are up for it.

Another focus of our guild is events. We like to host events for the whole shard to enjoy! Escaflowne works reguarly with PEC Wraith to roll out multi day storyline events, we recently hosted Golem Wars and are hosting an ongoing event Scalis on Tour. This brings the whole shard together to enjoy the game and win grand prizes at some.
Our plan is to also start rolling out internal Guild Games Nights with prizes for guildmembers. UO is a game with so much freedom, there is more to do than just hunting; alot of fun can be had with player made games too!

And lastly we are just a community of friends looking to play together and have fun together. Yes we do events and hunts, but you can do whatever you want together, the possibilities are endless. If you should ever need help it will be given by our leader Escaflowne or other members.

Now we do have a few rules when it comes to what you wear. Being a casual RP guild we go for a guild uniform look. So we look bad ass when we're all lined up together :p. These rules are as follows:

  1. We all wear abyssal surcoats (which takes the slot of your sash, so you cannot wear sashes). The only exception to this rule is if you have a Blackthorn Artifact surcoat dyed Vibrant Crimson.
  2. We do not wear robes unless it is Blackthorn Epaulettes, as they do not show up in game to keep our unified look.
  3. We all ride Black 16th Anniversary horses which are supplied when you join. Or for tamers you ride Nightmares/Dreadmares when not fighting. Sampires ride Shadow Iron Barded Swamp Dragons.
  4. We all have chaos shields that we wear when lined up on parade at events. You dont have to wear them during battle if you dont use a shield per say. But if you do use a shield then we will try to find you a decent chaos shield.
  5. All armour must be dyed guild colours which Escaflowne will dye for you. The colour is plain natural dye or normal iron colour for plate etc. There may be wiggle room on this in certain circumstances.
When recruiting new members we look for certain qualities in our members. We wish you to be kind, friendly and layed back. We want you to be mature, not have a big ego and not trashtalk your fellow guildmembers.
We are just a group of friends that want to have a laugh and have fun playing the game together.

We accept new players and veteran players. We will help all new players and get them comfortable with the game :).

Your activity does not matter, play whenever you can or whenever you want. You will not be judged if your not about much, nothing is expected of you activity wise just make sure you have fun when your on :D.


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