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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
We are a neutral RP guild, you can be good or evil, color do not matter, as long you share the fun
Jun 24, 2014
The DarkOutlaws, TDO


A little about us The Dark Outlaws [TDO*] is a role playing evil Guild, Freja started years ago it on Atlantic, then moved Drachenfels for better connection. Normal shards were not nice to evil role-players, stat loss and recall was not good for the role-play.
Then when Siege was up, we moved to here. Siege Perilous was our new home a few year, until Freja become a slave of UDL and later got the undead gift and become one of Myrkuls lords.

Myrkuls power on Siege is long gone and Freja got her freedom back, even when still a vampire and need blood to be active.

Freja and her sisters are looking for Outlaws, Brigands, Highwayman, Rogues and Vagrants to rebuild the guild. We need both role-playing PK's and peaceful Outlaws in our group to build a community.
The guild will also offer a home for miserable who get no help from King Blackthorn and the rich in the towns.

If you meet us on your way, it may pay off to offer us some money, armour, weapons, jewellery, resources that will help us take care of the miserable in our group. Even food may sometimes do the trick and save your life.

If you look wealthy we may expect a better tribute than from a poor travellers.
Now some outlaws are more aggressive than others, special our brigands may kill first and speak after. TDO do also have at least one vampire who just wants your blood.

If you are young or you are travelling without anything we want, don't fear us, even when you may die, it do not mean you will lose your items.
We do hope that you after meeting with us, do have a good feeling, and even if you lost your best stuff, do feel that this was different from the other times, when you meet brigands and other evils.

We are not doing this to ruin your game, but to try to play evil in a good way. If we can, we will rez you again, but not all of us can rez, so don't count on it. Yet we will be ready, to protect the rest of your stuff from looters, and/or keeping it while you rez. Don't fear to go back to us, when you do rez, we won't kill you again if you let us check your items before you start to pick them up.

See you around in east Brit, hope you will enjoy the meeting with us and visit our forest often for a little interacts.

Oh, you don't want to play our game, sorry, but we do play in same game, and if we ask you for money or your life, you must play with us in our game. You have a lot of choice, just use your head and try to make it to your game too. Pay, run, fight or speak, that's your choice.

Freja the Queen of the Outlaws


It's all about share the fun and be willing to go red if you want to kill.
- Play good, Play bad, but show respect.
- Try to be tolerant of blues and reds.
- Try to bring the community forward - even if you offer some thrill by being a (respectful) PK.
- Do not bow to power, greed, status or vanity.
- Do not trash talk in GC.
- Do not use any kind of cheat, bugs or do unattended macroing
- Play a crafter, a monster hunter, a fisher, a PvP-fighter and show respect to all these different playstyles - none is better than the other. And all are needed for the community to flowerish.
- Always help out newbs and show them the different paths of playing the game with respect, which does not mean to be peaceful and nice to everybody.

If you only want to kill players, on an easy way, and get their loot, this is not the guild for you. You will not get a lot of loot here, that is not the goal, the goal are interacting with others in a RP way.
But if you like to play with others feelings, like to scared players, as the cat play with the mouse, before it kills it, then we will be glad to see you here.

This game is fantasy, and the fear can be a good part of it, most players like to get scared, and they like to run from pk's, even when they not will admit it, but they hate to die and get dry looted. That the main reason, that some of us try to give our victims a choice to stay alive.

◦No Killing of newbies. It is ok to scare them a little, but not to kill them. Also, dont let them hand over all they have. They have a hard time as it is, special on SP with low money and skill gains. But if they act rude, killing are ok.

◦No killing without a word if you are a Highwayman. You must tell your victims why you attack and give them a choice: Live or Die. If you are a Brigand, you can attack without word, but if they run, then let them get away. Both highwaymen and brigands will had to go red/orange. Rogues can stay blue, if in thives guild. If you are in the hunter or the craftman group, you can stay blue, but you have to act with honor.

◦If you kill them, you must treat them with respect. after the kill, and dont loot, unless they act rude or start whining. A little RP looting is ok, that be gold, resources or something else not a part of the suit and not expensive.

◦No trash talk. You must act with style, and not like a jerk. Do not call your victims names, and laugh at them, don't rezz kill and don't horse kill without a good reason.

◦No anti or noto actions, we are an evil guild. Be free to rob red and grey as well as blue. but target red and grey to get free kill without going red is not ok

If you are a combat player, you must try to be master in one or more combat skill, but cheating and unattented macroing won't be accepted.

If you are craftman, you must be ready to trade items to the members to a fair price and trademen must be ready to sell/buy items for the guild.

Want to join?

All templates are welcome. We are looking for evil RP'ers as well as crafters, treasure hunters, monster killers.

Most of us live in the player town Safe Haven, see town info on this forum.

If you want to join us, you must care about your victim, it is not enough, that it is fun for you, this is a multiplayer game, and we don't want to make players quit, because they feel, that we ruin their game.

We do accept non combat players, trades, craftmen/women, but no whining if you get killed of some of oure victims.

You will be ronin for a month, then the leader team will vote for your future in TDO. There will always be a risk, that you can't stay with us if we don't feel you fit in.
To become Member you need to gain some respect from the members in TDO.

Ronin (First month):
NEW and joining dato (blue) = New on the shard
Renegade or wretched(Blue/maybe going red/orange)
Outlaw (Red/going red/orange)
pickpocket (blue in thieve guild) = Thief new to the guild

If this sound like you, try to hang out with TDO or meet us on the field. You can also post here and tell a little about your char and your play style and why you want to join. (When the Public wall get fixed)

Member titles will be something like this:
Highwayman/woman (red/orange)
Brigand (red/orange)
Outlaw (Red/going red/orange)
Rogue (blue in thieve guild/orange)
Gypsy (Blue/maybe going red/orange)
vagabond (blue) = Trusted but not very active in the guild
Crafter (blue)
Hunter (PvM) (blue)
Miserable (blue)
but more personly titles are allowed if they fit the RP


  • Siege Perilous