So I spent the weekend trying to add a bunch of things here, so hopefully they helped.

I’m still looking through my bookmarks to add other sites to my links as well as looking through the warden sticky post on the main forums.  There’s a LOT of info there but with all the posts sometimes it is hard to find it all.  I also added the LOTRO Wiki on there and a couple sites with good maps.  I usually enjoy finding things on my own, but I do have a horrible memory so a little refresher is nice at times.

I posted a couple of screenshots of my warden including my UI.  I try to keep it simple and clean as much as possible, and luckily for wardens we don’t have too many skills to clutter up our toolbars.  My UI Skin is the Azure Glass ( and you can find many others that fit your liking over at the LOTRO Interface site (  One thing I recently did was drag my travel rations onto a quick-slot bar location such that I could quickly see how many I had as I was getting frustrated with running out 😉   Our self ports are great but there are days when I go through multiple stacks of rations!  Needless to say I was pretty happy when they upped the stack size.

I have a few topics I’m going to start with, but if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, requests, questions please send them along.  Here are my first few that I came up with:

  • Gambits
    • Soloing
    • Tanking
  • Weapons/Equipment
  • Traits
  • Strengths – or quests/instances made MUCH easier with a warden around

I’m sure there will be others I’ll cover, but those were the first few that I figured could use some consolidation as the info for these is scattered everywhere.

I’ll try to keep in mind people of all levels, but have been 60 for a while now so most of my game-play has been at the high end.