I’m now a day into the Festival and still enjoying it.  I’m trying to multi-task and draw the festival out as long as I can so I’m holding off on running the Haunted Barrows quests.  I still love that area, but I’m just focusing on gathering tokens, horses, and trying to win the skeleton horse.  So far I’m running in there on my 4 main characters and have picked up a number of cool tricks, cosmetics, housing items, and lots of tokens, but sadly no horse.  I’ve collected a number of the Haunted Trees so I could probably create my own haunted forest in the Thorin’s Hall housing area 🙂  I did decide to change my look a little bit, so I figured I’d share a couple snaps of my main in front of the start of my haunted forest.  It is similar to my old look, but dyed red with the Raven helm and cloak.


Now I have also been paying attention to the “power” of Elebrandir’s Horseshoe as my Warden currently is the only toon with it.  Needless to say, she’s been the least lucky of all my characters and I’m pretty confident that’s not what it does 😉

Good luck to everyone who’s going for the horse, and hopefully I’ll get one at some point.