The fall festival has started, and as usual it is another fun event.  Many of the same events as the previous fall festivals and you should get an in-game mail introducing you to the festival.

I’d love to claim I put together a great guide and walkthrough, but I don’t even attempt to out-guide Goldenstar on the festivals, so if you want a guide go check out A Casual Stroll to Mordor as they have it all laid out.

For me I’m a big horse fan, so that was one of my top priorities which you’ll see me proudly riding below.  I also ran into Thamorian and saw the Ale Association Mule which also looks pretty cool.

ScreenShot00464 ScreenShot00463

While up with Tham, I did play a couple of jokes on him which come from the fall festival as well:

[youtube huMtHlTAGdM]

After that it was straight over to the Haunted Burrow which is all sorts of fun.  I wandered around for a while just to get a feel for it and had a blast with all the effects and features in there.  It really is a blast in there and I highly suggest going in even to just wander around.  If you’re working on the quests and want to “cheat” (and yes, I did cheat too) CStM has a nice map as well.

[youtube yznWAWskcGs]

As for items in the festival, I really wanted the Raven Cloak and Mask which I’m now wearing but after that I’m not sure what else I’m interested in.  I will be doing the daily run to the basement to see if I can get the Skeleton Horse as that’s just VERY cool:

And yes, I will be wearing my Horseshoe when opening the chests, just in case 🙂

Feel free to comment here or join in the discussion over on the Stratics Forums on what you’re looking forward to the most.