Ok, so I was catching up on the forums this weekend (pretty much a week behind sadly) and came across some good threads.  I will be covering some of these a bit later as I’m going to put out a tanking post with sections on the Watcher and DN.  But for now, I wanted to share some of them as I found some good reads:

Some good discussion on traits and the various lines, not just at end-game but trades on how to build as you level.  My personal thought is that you should get and slot the 2 +1 heal pulse traits as soon as you can and then whatever you have that actually makes sense.  Once you get more towards the end game you can start to worry more about it. (Traits from Warden Boards)

Preferred/Good gambits (Link) – big point here that I always forget is that power wise, Safeguard is horrible and I really need to stop using it.  It costs almost double the tier 4/5 HoTs (86 vs. 43/57) and 8 times persevere (tier 2).  Otherwise very similar to what I do – stack DoTs and HoTs, keep buffs up, etc.

Threat legacies (part 2)– I really haven’t had a chance to do more testing on this.  The first round LtDiablo and I did seemed to indicate they were worthless.  But maybe it is just that with all the other un-knowns it is just hard to tell.

Ambushing bosses (link) – really handy to make sure everyone gets into melee range (good for Halls of Crafting) and also helps get us on top of threat.  Also, with burgs you can still get a conj off before the daze wears off.  However, some bosses are immune to it (just like other Crowd Control) so be prepared for that.

Stuns (Forum Link) – really not much you can do about them, but some good discussion none the less.  Also, positioning can be helpful here to get out of the way.

Suggestions on tanking the watcher – (Watcher Tanking 1, 2nd Thread)  The first thread includes some good thoughts on the fight, the suggested traits, and the flow of the fight.  The second one has a bit more detailed walkthrough by LagunaD, including the things to watch for “Shakes with Anger” = back up!

Tanking the Blind one (Forum Link) – a fight I haven’t seen yet, but have heard/read a bunch about it.  Seems there are a few roles us wardens can fill for this fight, including MT.  Again, LagunaD has some good details as do a few others, including what seems like a pretty good reason to slot the fist capstone.