So there’s a fair number of changes coming up for crafting with Mirkwood as the new diary explains.  Overall there are some nice additions and changes, but nothing overwhelmingly exciting.  I also found a good legendary page on the Lorebook so check it out – link is at the bottom of the post and on my links section.

  • Multi-output Recipes allow for a single recipe to make variations of that item.  The pictures below show the item pretty well.  This is a welcome change, I just wish they’d do something similar for armor – having 4 of the same recipe is rather annoying.
  • image002_small image003

Legendary Item Crafting

  • We will still be able to craft 3rd and 2nd ages up to level 65, however as a note – level 65 2nd age items are only available through crafting!  This will be interesting to see how this plays out, but it will certainly jack up prices on the AH for them.  These 2nd age recipes also require an item found in “dangerous, dark places” which I’m assuming to mean the new Dol Goldor instances.  The 2nd age requires 2 mithril infused ingots (or comparable item), 5 legendary fragments, and the Symbol of Celebrimbor – which is that instance item, and does not appear to be on the skirmish vendor.

Crafted Relic Recipes

  • There’s a new slot for legendary items that can only be filled with a crafted relic.  There are 2 types:
    • Normal – boost agility, fate, might, vitality, will, morale, or power with one type being available per crafting guild.  However, they are not bound to your player so you can trade them.
    • Legendary – boost melee, ranged, tactical, or healing abilities with all guilds able to make all of them.  These add +390 rating to both the critical and offense rating for melee, ranged, critical, and healing.  However, these are bound to your character so in order to make these I’m you’ll need Kindred rank with the guild and Supreme Mastery, not just proficiency.
    • I looked on my characters, and metalsmiths make +might, jewelers +will, and tailors +fate – with +10 and +20 as the 2 options.  The +10 item is just ingots, but the +20 requires a “Compendium of Middle Earth, Volume 1” which is a barter item from skirmishes for regular marks and a special drop mark.  The Legendary requires a different Compendium but is also available from the Skirmish camps.

Trading up your guild reputation items is now available such that you can trade smaller items for the larger ones with the long cool-downs:

  • 7 small guild reputation items equals 1 medium item of that same tier
  • 3 medium items equals 1 large item of that tier (although Bullroarer has it at 5)

And finally some general crafting changes:

  • The required ingredients for many of the “component’” recipes have been reduced
  • Auto granted recipes no longer require items from other professions.
  • Increased crafting experience for some recipe types
    • Auto-granted recipes = 6 crafting xp
    • Vendor purchased recipes = 8 crafting xp
    • Dropped recipes and reputation rewards = 10 crafting xp
    • One-shot recipes = 12 crafting xp

So some nice changes and I do like that they’re making crafting worthwhile but there still is something lacking for me.  Full article on the new crafting changes are over here.  Also, check out the lorebook as there is a really good breakout for legendary items.