So with Mirkwood launching tomorrow, there’s a big push at Turbine to get all the web apps updated as well.  My.LOTRO is getting a bunch of updates to account for the new things coming with Mirkwood, primarily the skirmishes.

  • Updated to WordPress 2.7 – which I’m not 100% sure what exactly it means but hopefully it allows the blog settings on MyLOTRO to be more like the ones I’m used to on WordPress.
  • Improved performance and data, which I’m very happy about as not only were things usually very SLOW but there were a LOT of missing items as well.  And things usually were rather slow to update.
  • There will be new Skirmish leader boards in addition to the already in-place PvMP leader boards.
  • It also looks like they’ve done some overall streamlining on how profile and character are viewed and updated to account for both skirmishes and awkward layouts.

Overall good stuff, and it will be fun to keep tabs on the skirmish stats.  I really hope there’s a way to pull that info somewhere else as I’d love to have my skirmish stats showing on my blog!  Maybe something similar to how the LOTRO Herald works, will have to look into that – or perhaps someone already knows the answer?