So I bit the bullet and just bought Fraps, which I think helped out quite a bit.  But then I still have the problem of compressing the file to something that’s readable.  I’m going to next try recording full screen as I think that’s what is not allowing me to use the DIVX codec.  But otherwise I think this was an easier process as I just ran it through “Any Video Converter” and made it an MPEG-II.  Any other thoughts or suggestions?

And the video is me soloing an elite out in Mirkwood – I was just out trying to clear some traps when he jumped up on me.  Starting to get back into my warden grove and remembering to use my masteries.  But honestly, Mirkwood is much faster with the builders, so they’re not quite as mandatory as they used to be.  And yes, I forgot to switch tabs on my chat window so if you squint you can read my tells 😉