So I got in some more time today on my Warden and a bit on my captain as I wanted to see how things felt on him.

Had a blast on my warden, combat feels really smooth and I can really rip through gambits and get things going.  The downside is yes I do burn through some serious power!  I ended up mainly working through the Mirkwood areas on my way to 9.4 such that I could start farming for my mask.  As it will take a bit for me to get it, I have some time to figure out the rest of the outfit to match it 🙂  Book 9 is a LOT of fun, I’m really enjoying it – and the skirmish section works in perfectly.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the story.

The video here is me in Mirkwood getting jumped – I originally was going to run them off, but decided I’d enjoying killing them all so much more.  As you can see I’m getting a little more confident with my warden again.  I was a little worried that I’d get a roamer, but I tried to move back and hug the rock hoping they wouldn’t see me.


I also wanted to get in some time on my captain as he’s probably my 2nd right now.  Combat isn’t quite as smooth for me as a halberd is just so much slower and I need to pace it animation wise such that I see the auto-attack.  I’m more used to the old timing so it just takes me a bit to get the feel for it.  I might play with the new combat options on him to see if that helps any as combat still is just a bit choppy.  I don’t seem to have too terrible of an issue with power, at least not yet – but I’m sure that’ll come as I start getting braver.  I didn’t get a chance to do too much with the servers coming down, but I did the daily quest in the Flaming deeps for the crafted relic drop, started the skirmish quest, and started book 9.  I also took time to get all his legendaries squared away – which did take a little longer as I had to think a bit more with the new healing legacy on emblems.

Video below is from book 9 as I’m helping the elves retake one of the orc encampments.  All sorts of chaos but I figured I’d share some of the fun I’ve been having in game.


Really enjoying Mirkwood and I can’t wait till I have some good solid time to try grouping more with my kin and friends.  I really want that new 3 piece radiance set for my cosmetic slot 😉