So I’ve been having a blast today with my new soldier, the herbalist.  I saw some info on the forums that they’re bugged but I certainly noticed she was a huge help for me.  I’m not saying I think they’re perfect, but I liked her.  Her ICMR buff, HoTs and PoTs all were very helpful as I ripped through some tier 2 skirmishes.  Here’s a video of some of the action from today’s skirmish fun.  Here are my latest skirmish stats, feel free to post yours in the comments.


In addition, I wanted to share some other info regarding skirmishes.

First off is info on the Lieutenants:

And as I sure many of you (like me) have wondered with all these cosmetic options – how do they actually look.  I haven’t tried too many, but did find some links on the boards showing some of them:

And finally, with skirmishes there’s the bag devouring collection of marks you’ll end up with after a few runs.  Some are used in bartering for items, some barter for normal marks, and others are just normal drops that are helpful in off-setting the cost of repairs.  LOTRO Reporter has a really good breakdown of all these so I’m just going to post the link here.

Have fun, and happy skirmish time!