The latest Tell the Community Team Thread is up and this one is all about items.  Make sure if you have input to provide yours, I’m going to share mine that I posted here.

Question 1
What are your favorite consumable items? Please choose up to three items only.

1) In-combat regen food.  Pretty much a standard for most of my fighting.

2) Out-of combat regen food.  I usually end up using rations, but both work well as this really cuts down on the down-time between fights.

3) Potions, morale and power.

Question 2
What are your favorite cosmetic items? Please choose up to three items only, pictures are welcome!

1) any hats that look better then the armor sets, why can’t your cosmetic team design armor helms?

2) Fun weapons, like the fish, mug, etc.

3) Ranger mask

Question 3
Which in game item do you find the most useful?

Captain Hope banner.