Following up from yesterday’s announcement, Turbine released the Dev Diary on the upcoming Vault Changes. I actually didn’t have that many issues with the new vault, but I know many of you absolutely hated it, so I’m sure this is quite welcome.  It certainly looks like this is a great combination of both the new and old systems, taking the best from both of them.

Some of the key highlights:

  • Chest Separators
  • The ability to rename chests
  • Chest Tabs on the side
  • Ability to drag items between chests and their appropriate tabs
  • Icon only view, or the current icon with text view
  • Both horizontal and vertical sizing bars
  • New Buttons to open the Shared Storage and Wardrobe from within the Vault
  • Auto sorting that applies some reasonable logic to your chests
    • IXP runes by level then amount
    • Crafting items by profession then tier
    • Rarity and Class
  • Performance Improvements

There’s also a few items that are still on the list but couldn’t make it for this update, including:

  • Manual Sort
  • Detach a vault tab from the vault UI
  • more filter options

Overall some great stuff so take a look at the article as there are a number of screen-shots of the vault to check out.  Granted for me this wasn’t really an issue nor anything I thought was game breaking, but I know many would disagree with me 🙂