Before you freak out too much, remember these are still in beta and as we’ve seen before things can and do change.  Some items might be removed completely while others may have their prices changed.  I originally was quite panicked when I looked at the list of added items but I wanted to touch on a few of them.

  • Legendary Items
    • All Legacies are 795 Turbine Points
    • Whole host of other legendary item options
  • Additional Storage Space
    • Shared Storage – 795 Turbine Points for 10 slots
    • Shared Wardrobe – 695 Turbine Points for 10 slots
  • Travel
    • Milestone Skills – 350 Turbine Points for each additional bind point
      • Might be nice for non-Hunter/Wardens
    • New Maps – looks like maps to just about everywhere
      • 50 Turbine Points for Single Use
      • 225 Turbine Points for 5 uses
      • Not sure if you have to go there first to use a map or not
  • Tome of Tracking – allows for creature tracking (Hunter Skill) – 25 uses for 400 Turbine Points
  • Stat Tome Bundles – 1295 Turbine Points for all 5 for a savings of 180 Turbine Points

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the Legendary Items part, although with the changes coming its not like you can’t get any legacy you want, it just will take time.  And the price is sufficiently high that it will scare some folks off.

Take a read of the notes, pop onto Bullroarer, and make sure to comment either here or on the forums if you have thoughts or suggestions.