Stephen Reid – Bioware community manager for SW:TOR, recently chimed in on the release date speculation that has been circulating at PAX East.


Release date. Yeah, I’m going there. Our release date window is now as it was about a month ago – 2011. It has not changed since that post.

Yes, we are saying ‘after March 31st’, but that is only a relevant date because it marks the end of EA’s fiscal year. It is not a clever code or cunning ruse. It’s just a statement of fact (and a statement made, I should point out, primarily to the financial press, who like to confuse us with talk of ‘fiscal years’).

The community’s anticipation about a potential release date being announced at PAX East was understandable, but I’d like to remind you we never suggested or promised anything. To lay rumors to rest (and to dash a few hopes) I’ll tell you now that we won’t be announcing any change to our release window during the show. It remains, simply, 2011 (or if you prefer “When it’s done”).

BioWare remains committed to delivering an amazing quality game with a sevice level to match. We won’t be rushed. You’ll find the game worth the wait, and I hope those of you who are playing the game at PAX or watching videos of gameplay from there will agree.

Further speculation on a release date, at this point, is kind of redundant. We’ll keep the current release date speculation thread open, but continuous discussion of release date in PAX East threads should be avoided, please. Let’s talk about, you know, the show.

While disappointing that the release period still encompasses such a wide window, it is very encouraging to have further confirmation that Bioware are dedicated to releasing a polished product and are not being rushed to Market by their publisher.