The Knights of the Blazing Sun are an order of templars devoted to the cult of Myrmidia – Goddess of warfare and protector of civilization. While the order began in the southern portions of the Old World, its members have spread throughout the Empire in recent centuries. Each Knight has spent a lifetime training both physically and mentally and it is the latter that differentiates them from other warriors in the Old World. Though they are fierce warriors, the Knights of the Blazing Sun rarely travel as a large unit. In small groups and – even more often – individually, the Knights of the Blazing Sun travel the Empire seeking opportunities to test their skills, serve as advisors and commanders and to prove themselves on the battlefield.

Knight of the Blazing Sun Specialty
The reputation of the Knights of the Blazing Sun stems more from their strategic genius than from anything else. Throughout the Empire, countless villages, farms and isolated outposts owe their survival to the timely arrival (and subsequent assumption of command) by a Knight of the Blazing Sun. As a Knight, you will engage in battlefield command. All allies within the sound of your voice will strain to hear your orders above the cacophony of battle and will follow them without question. As a result, their chances of survival will increase to the point where a reckless person might even become hopeful about the prospects of victory.

Playing as a Knight of the Blazing Sun
Having trained your entire life and having seen and defeated horrors unimaginable to the average citizen of the Empire, you have little concern about your own chances on the battlefield. Instead, you will be focused on taking charge of the defenses in any given conflict, both through direct, physical intervention and through acting as a commander on the battlefield. You will issue commands to your allies and those who stay close and heed your words will receive invaluable benefits on the battlefield. Truly exceptional commanders will be able to direct their allies in multiple areas simultaneously – but this will require total focus and determination.

Fighting the Knight of the Blazing Sun
Heavily armored, notoriously crafty and exceptionally dangerous at close when in the midst of their troops, the Knight of the Blazing Sun should be a prime target for any assault. If you are able to strike down the Knight, his allies will become demoralized and weakened by panic – making them far easier to defeat. Be wary of the fact that – unlike members of other knightly orders – the Knights of the Blazing Sun are not at all averse to trickery and feel no obligation to engage their foes with what some regard as “honor.” A Knight of the Blazing Sun is more than willing to disarm an opponent and then take their head.

The Knight of the Blazing Sun Look

  • Heavy, burnished brass plate armor, adorned with colorful plumage and elaborate gilding.
  • Swords of all kinds – one-handed (with shield) and massive two-handed weapons.
  • Massive shields bearing the device of the Blazing Sun.