The magic of Tzeentch is sorcery in its purest form – the raw power of the warp unleashed on living flesh. Using this power, the Magus can wreak incredible destruction, but his powers can cause effects more sinister than simple death. The dark magic of the Changer of Ways infects those touched by the Magus’s fires, tearing at their souls and bodies, diminishing their hearts and spirits. From atop his Daemonic Disc of Tzeentch the Magus rains corruption over the battlefield, annihilating his enemies with the sheer power of the Aethyr and the massive strength of his own will.

Magus Specialty
All manner of Daemons are counted amongst the numbers of the Raven Host, but the Magus uses the power of only one such creature – the arcane and powerful Disc of Tzeentch. He is forever bound to this living platform, and it is utterly ruled by his will. Wielding the power of the Aethyr, the Magus unleashes his spells from atop his mount while commanding the mount itself to unleash its own mighty powers. Channeling his dark powers through his Disc, mortal and Daemon achieve potent synergy, and leave only devastation in their wake.

Playing as a Magus
As a Magus, the primary tactical questions you must answer in battle are which of your abilities will be most effective, and where best to apply them. Your damage dealing power will be well applied in almost any situation, but an in depth understanding of the secondary effects of your spells is also pivotal to maximizing your effectiveness and potency. You are versatile, but you must select the best tools for each fight in order to succeed. Supplement this with good use of your Disc and its special abilities and you will have mastered the basics of playing the Magus.

Fighting the Magus
Defeating a Magus is largely similar to defeating any other powerful damage dealer. He is deadly, but fragile, possessing very limited defensive capabilities. The key special consideration springs from his versatility. If you assault a Magus with one particular approach, he may well have an offense to counter your own. Thus you must either employ a variety of attacks to circumvent this, or be ready to change tactics with extreme agility to react to whatever trick the Magus happens to pull out of his hat.

Magus Look

  • Wears light ornamental armor with elaborate robes.
  • Wields a staff inscribed with symbols of Chaos and imbued with dreadful arcane power.
  • Rides and fights from an arcane and powerful Disc of Tzeentch at all times.