We’re glad to say not many Toons were sold on the Sellbots’ sending Glad Handers to schmooze a Toon truce yesterday…
Gaggles of Glad Handers are now marching into Toontown, trying to take control
hand over fist!

Glad Handers invade

We’re going to need all Toons to lend a hand in busting up this latest Cog invasion plot!
Those double-dealing Glad Handers took us by surprise, so we’re not sure where or when they will try to get the upper-hand. The Toon Resistance advises all Toons to stock up on strongly silly gags!

If you need a break from the Glad Hander invasions, Resistance Rangers have handily blocked off these Districts as safe zones from the invading Sellbots:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield
Giggly Hills Goofy Valley
Silly Valley Zany Acres

We think it’s the Sellbots behind this latest Cog scheme… are you sold on that theory?