Toons rallied against the Glad Handers’ under-handed trick, but the real (bird)brains behind this sinister scheme have landed – proving ‘bot birds of a feather strike together!
Legal Eagles have landed

Legal Eagles fly high in the Lawbot pecking order, and very rarely leave their rusty roosts in Cog buildings.
So beware their skillful “talons” in the art of making Toons sad!

The Toon Resistance reports Legal Eagles landing on Friday at these times:
 3am – 6am PST       10am – 1pm PST       5pm – 8pm PST

Resistance Rangers are battling bird-brain ‘bots non-stop to keep these Districts clear from invading Cogs:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield
Giggly Hills Goofy Valley
Silly Valley Zany Acres

Target the Legal Eagles’ weak spot with Storm Cloud gags, and defend Toontown until those Lawbots cease & desist!
If fireworks of freedom ring out on Saturday, you’ll know if we Toons have triumphed…