The Witch Hunter is a tireless foe of Chaos, dark magic and witchery of all kinds. As the taint of Chaos continues to spread and more people are drawn to the dark arts, the Witch Hunters’ role has become increasingly important to the Empire. Fast, cunning and deadly, they dispense merciless judgment upon any who serve Chaos. While the people of the Empire agree that the Witch Hunters’ work is critically important, rare is the citizen who does not feel pangs of dread when they lay eyes upon one, for it is understood that most Witch Hunters would sooner burn an entire village to the ground than see a single follower of Chaos go free.

Witch Hunter Specialty
The Witch Hunter’s sole motivation is rooting out and destroying corruption. To that end, they use the various tools and tactics available to them to weaken their opponents’ strength and resolve via Interrogation before meting out final Judgment. Fast and agile, the Witch Hunter is dangerous in close-quarters, especially when approaching an unsuspecting or startled target from behind. The Witch Hunter will frequently employ holy water, chrisoms, blessed ashes and other relics to further increase the suffering inflicted upon their foes.

Playing as a Witch Hunter
Whether you’re positioning yourself for a devastating strike against an unwary enemy or going toe-to-toe in the thick of the fight, there are few places on the battlefield where a Witch Hunter does not belong. In the face of your tireless assaults and interrogation, your enemies quickly wither and fall – be it by blade, bullet or torch. While your pistol can be a powerful and devastating weapon under the right circumstances, it is slow and awkward to reload in close-quarters. As such, you will make frequent use of the deadly speed and effectiveness of rapiers, knives, stakes, torches and daggers. You will also find it useful to anoint your weapons before a fight to dispatch your unholy enemies with even greater efficiency.

Fighting the Witch Hunter
The Witch Hunter relies heavily on his ability to catch targets off guard or to distract them in the thick of a fight. A powerful melee fighter, he is at his most effective when he can move behind an enemy and unleash pistol shots or powerful strikes from his anointed blade upon them. As such, it is critical that you not lose track of a Witch Hunter in the heat of battle. Keep them at range if you can – as their pistols are unreliable from a distance – and stay in front of them if they close in on you. A bullet in the head or a blade through the heart await those who do not.

The Witch Hunter Look

  • Lightly Armored, with long cloaks and coats, wide-brimmed hats and buckled tunics.
  • Wields off-hand pistols and main-hand rapiers, swords and torches.
  • Ornamented with other tools of their craft such as stakes, daggers, relics, chains and emblems of the Cult of Sigmar or the Empire.