The Ruinous Powers have many gifts to offer their mortal followers and enemies alike – some of them quite terrible, but some of them powerful indeed. Zealots are among the most devout of the followers of the gods of Chaos, and as such it is they who are called upon to convey the will of the powers to their minions. It is Zealots who mark the followers of their patron deity, and who are charged with spreading their faith to the vulnerable and needy masses. They are not the subtle cultist, but the zealous preachers, and they offer open obedience to their dark masters.

Zealot Specialty
The Zealot deals in symbols. He channels the power of his master through fetishes and totems, and can place the symbols of Chaos on friend and foe alike. Those glyphs placed on Chaos’s loyal followers are called Marks, and can grant entirely new abilities. Those placed on the Zealot’s enemy are called Harbingers, and cause lasting affliction. The Harbingers are well named however, for their full potential is not immediately realized. Using powerful ritual magic, a Zealot can rob the subject of his Harbinger of life and spirit, draining it away to empower the Marks he has placed upon his allies with extraordinary abilities.

Playing as a Zealot
As a Zealot, your task is a complex one. You must prepare your allies for battle, and see that their Marks are set or re-set according to their shifting needs. You must also think offensively, for it is through your use of Harbingers which you are able to both effectively support and magnify the power of your allies, and crush the strength of your enemy. As a spell caster, you must be cautious, but because of your interlinked abilities, you must not be too conservative. If you hold back too much, or try to focus on only one aspect of your powers, all your abilities will be less than they could be.

Fighting the Zealot
The best way to deal with a zealot is by disrupting the complex network of interconnected effects and abilities which can make him so powerful. There are several ways to do this, the most obvious being the use of magic which helps protect you from his Harbingers or strips Marks from his allies. Alternatively, you might wish to attack the Zealot as a priority, but he is hardly the soft target that he might appear to be. You must weigh this option against the possibility that his allies will gain a critical edge while you attempt to eliminate the Zealot himself.

Zealot Look

  • Essentially unarmored, in heavy robes and other ritual vestments and regalia
  • Wields sacrificial daggers and other wicked instruments of pain.
  • Carries many talismans, fetishes, and other occult paraphernalia about his person