Hello Community,

WAR Stratics will be holding a Tournament Starting Next Saturday May 5th continuing until Saturday May 12th.

Our tournament will not be held in the traditional sense of tournaments, as winning and losing are not the only things that matter.  Team work and how well you did individually as well as a team is what the main focal point of the tournament will be.  A team could do great and win, while at the same time a team can do great and lose the match as well.

We spent some time hashing out the details and although we will share some ways points are awarded, we will not share all the aspects of which points towards your team and your individual score will be attained.  We are doing this to keep folks from trying to game the system.

The rules of the Tournament are as follows:

1.  All matches must be played as a full 6 man team.  One person will be designated as the Primary Point of Contact for the Team and One person will be designated as the Secondary Point of Contact.

2.  A total of 8 members can be on your team.  6 Primary and 2 Alternates.  All 8 members much be submitted at the time of registration.

3.  All submitted match results must contain 6 registered team members on your team in the submission.

4.  Players can only belong to a single team.

5.  A max of 3 match result submissions are allowed per each day.

Registration is simple to do.

1.  Email [email protected] with your team name and all members of the team (8 Max).  Ensure to include the Primary and Secondary Point of Contact.

2.  Only in game names should be used when registering your team. ex.  [WARM] Mykiel, [SWAG] Wrathius.

3.  Multiple Teams can be part of the same Team Registration.  ex FR33 SWAG, WARM pink

4.  Include your time zone.

Participation in the tournament.

1.  Submit (max of 3) screen shots of the end results of each map to [email protected].  Multiple screen shots can be submitted for the same match if it is done to include all members of the team.  No modification of the screen shot is allowed in any way.  If a modified screenshot is submitted, then the results will be voided, and it will still count as one of your Daily max of 3.  Screen shots are only allowed to be submitted by the Primary or Secondary Point of Contact.

2.  Point will be awarded via the information gathered from your submission and will vary from map to map, as each map has different objectives.

3.  Results will be announced on Sunday May 13th 2012.

4.  Best player and best team will be awarded with goodies what the tournament is finished.

5.  A daily update will be given showing standing and ranking among all participating.

6.  Members of the WAR Stratics Staff are eligible to participate in the tournament, but are not eligible for any rewards.

So get your team ready, get your heroes prepared, and let the slaughter begin on the 5th of May.