Its our birthday, and we are giving you the gifts! With contests, missions and a lottery, there’s a good chance you’ll get something! You have to listen in during our event today – the Stratics 16th Anniversay¬†– and participate on our forums. Here’s some details:


Unshroud Your Avatar!



It’s cosplay time!


  • Submit an image of yourself to this thread dressed as your favorite in-game character using only items found around your home and/or garage.
  • Your entry should include side-by-side images of you in costume and your avatar for consideration.
  • Your entry may be submitted using any medium: photographs, screen shots, YouTube videos, Vine films, etc.
  • All entries are set to moderated first to make sure your shroud is PG. Once verified they will be set to public!
  • One prize winner will be chosen on our live hangout by Tim “Dariuas” Slager.
  • We will reveal the prize winner at the end of our program of events, approximately 6:45pm EDT.
  • The winner will recieves ONE* of his/her choice of the following: Razer Naga (mouse) OR Razer Krakken (headset) OR Deathstalker (keyboard)kraken
  • The goal is fast as you can with whatever you can find. Be creative, funny, adventurous!
  • Give it your best shot and…..GO!

destroyer*Prize will be shipped, PM will be sent via forums to verify mailing address.
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For the Ladies!

El of LA has graciously offered to send a few random winners some of her cog jewelry creations! You have the chance of winning a pair of these – and if you’re lucky, maybe more! We’re only picturing 3 of the sets we have. You have to visit our forums to see the others and enter.


cogEarrings cogEarrings2

Q: What do I do to enter?
A: It’s simple! Just post your funniest in game anecdote, any title, in this thread for a chance at your name being randomly drawn. All winners will be announced here and sent a private message on our forums for mailing info.

Q: Do you need to be a lady to win?
A: Heck no! These designs are “geared” towards the ladies but anyone may enter.

Reply with:
Your in game name
Your funniest in game anecdote
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UO’s 15th Anniversary Robe

In honor of our joined anniversary dates being so close, we have a select number of Ultima Online‘s 15th Anniversary Robes to give out to random players. What do you need to do for a chance at one of these robes?



Enter your character name:
Which Shard you are on:
House name and coordinates:
Facet where your house is:
My first monster kill in UO was:
Your reply in this thread with those details will enter you into a random drawing to be selected during our live hangout with Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong. We have a select few to give out so stay tuned if you did not win the first one! Your name will be shared live and a PM on these forums will be sent to you confirming your win.

The random winner will have their robe delivered to their in game home by Mesanna. Thanks for being a part of our anniversary celebration!
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No matter your game, your genre, your play-style, we have something for just about everyone. Without all of you, we wouldn’t have our 16 years. Thank you, everyone, and we look forward to many, many more years to come!
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Editor’s Note: The cos-pay picture is posted in our UO forums. Pictured is some really, hunky famous guy (Kevin Sorbo) with one of our very own Stratics Alum, Lada Mana, who is dressed in a Keke Cosplay. You can see more images of Ultima Online players in that thread, both in cosplay or street clothes.