Good day to you Community!

With the conclusion of the “Lucian the Ornate” Contest, we have our 1st and second place winners, and indeed these players put forth some really nice submissions, and sadly we only have so many codes to give out.

The winner of the Ornate Chest code (Which we do hope it has some sort of precious goodies inside that will allow the following player something that will further their goals of domination) is…

TW-Elmariachi with an impressive 38 Kill Streak.


Some might frown upon the group makeup, but we here at WAR Stratics do not.  They formed an excellent group to achieve the goal and still lost the match.  I am not sure what the other teams were running, but a Volrik could have ended this kill streak quite easily.  So to the other teams in the match we here salute you, for not running Volrik or investing in his 100ft pull, and extended Heal Debuff.

Second place and winner of the XP Boost code is…

[SWAG]Aggrosh with an epic 28 Kill Streak. (Pretty impressive stats as well btw)


All one can say is that the Score Board is really impressive.  And like TW-Elmariachi above a solid team was utilized to pull it off.

Teamwork is a core strength of Wrath of Heroes…well that and smashing someone’s face into oblivion.  Many games nowadays do not promote teamwork as much as they should.  Online games should be both about competition, having fun, and making new friends across the world.

Pay attention in the coming weeks as our next Contest will be taking place at the end of May.  The Crew at WAR Stratics has a little something special lined up for our readers.