Good Morning Community,

Here at WAR Stratics we do enjoy a good game, community building, and the occasional smack talk.  That is why we will be holding a contest starting this Saturday April 21 2012 that will run for 1 week ending on Saturday April 28 2012.Now what is this contest that C000kiemonster, Wrathius, Tarelther, MaryJaneDoe, and myself are talking about?  Well it is simple…Kill Streaks…with Lucian.  For those that are not aware, Lucian is The Free Hero that you receive from completing the tutorial.

If I were to describe Lucian, he is an eye-patch wearing, dual blade wielding, high melee damage capable hero.  Lucian does not get much respect from most players, and like many heroes proper teamwork is a must when you run with Lucian.

What is up for grabs is an Ornate Chest for first place.  2nd place will receive an 100% xp boost code.

What you need to do is get a screenshot of Your Highest Kill Streak while playing as Lucian in a match.  Once you have the screenshot email it to [email protected].  Winners will be chosen on Sunday April 29.  We will email the codes to the winners.

Now other random giveaways for 100% bonus XP are taking place with the WAR Stratics Staff.  The staff members are:

C000kiemonster – A member of SWAG and inventor of the term “It’s Steak Night!” –

Tarelthar – A long time blogger and also in the running to be that next person to marry a Kardashian –

Wrathius – A member of SWAG, and once voted “Most likely to shop at a strip mall” –

So sit back, relax and log in to beat your enemies down.