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Once again we are here with more updates, coverage and information about Age of Reckoning and Wrath of Heroes.


Developer Keaven Freeman has been going strong with discussion and gathering player feedback.  Keaven has been working with an endless amount of energy gathering feedback, engaging in the discussions, and is the Chosen Herald of Malal.

His most recent discussions are still up and the threads are getting very long.  So head on over and check them out.  The current list is:

Dev Discussion: 1.4.6 – BugFix – Cloud of Corruption

Dev Discussion: 1.4.x C&C Balance – TANKS

Dev Discussion: 1.4.x C&C Balance – SUPPORT

Dev Discussion: 1.4.x C&C Balance – MELEE DPS

Dev Discussion: 1.4.x C&C Balance – RANGED DPS

Upcoming for 1.4 . *mumble*mumble*

1.4.6 BugFix Patch – Short List


In other areas of the world Werit is still supplying the community with the Arsenal of WAR and his newest project WAR Rank.  One is a scenario ranking and record keeping system, and the other is an item database and renown builder.  Both are great additions by the community and for the community, so head on over and show that Engineer some love.  Just watch out though, he drinks a lot and is very hairy.  You can follow him on twitter @werit


Etaew is still kicking the Wrath of Heroes Wiki, and has taken over the Age of Reckoning Wiki as well.  He is looking for suggestions on where to start the updates on the AoR wiki from the community, so hit him up and help by submitting feedback or assisting with the update!  You can follow him on twitter @etaew


Luranni has been doing a great job with her videos. She is also an accomplished artist.  You can check out her work here! You can follow her on twitter @Luranni







Forumite ArayaOmen has a thread on the social forums for a Project they are working on.  The first video can be found here.  Friend them as they work to expand on the already amazing original video!

Call to arms

Age of Reckoning’s new site is now active and it does look amazing.  Wrath of Heroes is still moving along and is a blast.  Fist Bumping aside, both offer a fun and exciting gameplay in a Warhammer Fantasy background.

Warhammer Online

Kai gives us information about Drakenwald.  Next Tuesday March the 20th is the big day for transfers off to either Badlands or Karak Norn.  I know that the Badlands and Norn Communities will be welcoming the Drakenwald Community with open arms and an axe to the gut.

Follow this FAQ  for information on transferring your Guild to it’s new home.


On the Wrath of Heroes side of things, Judgement Week has passed and we have our starting 5.

  • Aessa Goldmane
  • Glowgob da Green
  • Ikkrik Poisonclaw
  • Ilanya Darkwind
  • Volrik Clawhand

It was a neck and neck race between some of the heroes, while other such as Gromki and Korith were dropped from the competition rather quickly.

Korith and Gromki

Gromki for his boozing it up and throwing runes at strippers yelling “I wanna mine those hills”.  He is a dwarf so what do you expect.

Korith on the other hand withdrew himself from the competition for reasons he explained as “You cannot have someone as powerful as myself in there at the get go.  So as a sign of my benevolence I shall withdraw from the competition.  I shall be with my supermodel girlfriend in my country estate playing games such as ‘Shave the Dwarf’’”.  Yes Korith is truly a great inspiration to us all.

A Status on the Open Beta has also been given.

Before we open our servers around the clock, we plan to do a final rehearsal weekend to make sure that everything is in place and working.

I am taking this as another Beta Weekend, and if things are up to snuff then everyone will be able to partake in the action.

Sword Master

In other areas of the blog-o-sphere, Tarelther has given us a nice and amusing video of Glowgob to watch.  You can follow him on twitter @Tarelther

Now as we finally come to a close, I had the opportunity to sit down with Warhammer Online Producer James Casey for an Interview.  For the latest Producer’s Letter  <——— click!

James Casey


Q:  With the recent producers letter, you mentioned a new type of live event.  The “evolve over time” and “demons” has captured some folks attention.  Can you elaborate on what you mean by “evolve over time”?  Will we be seeing a constant ever-evolving event in game?  Will this expand upon what we normally see available via the live events tab rewards wise moving forward?

[James Casey] You’ll hopefully see more on this as we move forward.  The goal here is that it does evolve rather than become an event that returns every so often like the holiday themed Live Events.  Those are great and have their place, but the idea here was to be different and concentrate on some other aspects of the game in an event.

Q: You mentioned “Dynamic Objectives” coming down the pipe to promote medium sized skirmishes and battles.  What kind of events would players have to do in order to activate these?  Will they be attached to the campaign?  Will they be available at all times, such as when the city is open for siege, a zone is locked and so on?

[James Casey] These are currently being planned out now, but here is an example of a potential goal based on the current thoughts. Dynamic Objective would hook into the existing HotSpot system. While there would be some general rules governing where these Dynamic Objectives would be allowed to generate, when they do come into play on the field, it would always be around a HotSpot. In this way, the objective would be generated where there is already heavy action going on, allowing us the opportunity to reward, and even encourage, random skirmishes anywhere in ORvR.  The amount that they attach to the campaign is still being debated, but there is no reason we couldn’t add in ways for the winner to be given resources or shift gameplay. We hope to get some feedback on what people would like to see with the system when it gets closer and we solicit on the forums and eventually on PTS.

Q:  What kind of new play as monster are you looking at implementing.  With the evolving live event, this makes me think that we will be able to maybe take control of demons.  Can we look forward to seeing more come down the pipe?

[James Casey] Long range, we want to look at how we can make them more involved and give you a certain level of progress or achievement via PAM.  Just as how we introduced the ability to become a general with the recent fortress return, we’d like to make sure that when players are given an opportunity to take on a new role in a feature, it fits within the theme of said feature.  So, you can kind of read into that what you want.

Q:  What new additions can we expect to see come down the pipe in the origin store?

[James Casey] I have a plethora of good ideas from the forums to flesh out for the next year.  These include expanding some of the things we started based on feedback like bottomless dyes.  We’re also looking at ways we can give players the opportunity to gain more ‘character’ specific rewards.  One limitation we’ve had before is that the rewards were account based so every character got the item.  This is beneficial in that it is a great value, but it does limit the scope of the offerings.  As we move into the next patch cycle and announce more, I’ll likely start up another focused thread on this and see what people would want as ‘universal’ rewards like previous offerings and what ‘specific’ rewards they might want to see.  So if you have anything you hankering for, we’re open to it.

Q:  What is the Current Status of the “XP Off” function coming into game?  Is it still a possibility?

[James Casey] We still like the idea, but it’s been (placed on the) back-burner because of some of the current issues/features.  We have a neat way to potentially do it, but want to ensure that we have thought out (the) consequences.

My thoughts on the interview?  Dynamic Objectives do sound like they are going to be a welcome addition.  The evolving live events, new possible Play as Monster, Endless Dyes! (Paint Pots),  and an update on the XP Off function.  All good things coming down the pipe.  Keep it up BioWare|Mythic!

So there you have it folks.  There is a lot going on within the community and with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and Wrath of Heroes.  Head on over to the forums and provide feedback.  Hit up the bloggers and community contributors and show them your support.