Hello Community,

We here at WAR Stratics feel it is time to let you in on a little secret. On May 24th the WAR Stratics crew will begin to arrive in Virginia. We will have traveled from all across the land to partake in this great Quest of ours with one single purpose…INVADE BioWare Mythic Studios.

Now I could not think of a better line up for this assault than what we have gathered here at WAR Stratics. Now we will have 1 pug who will remain nameless until we arrive (Hint* My Twin), but our group is still solid.

We have gathered an arsenal of questions, theories, siege, and Soju for this grand event to present to the Developers of Age of Reckoning and Wrath of Heroes. We will have everything covered from the Scrub King all the way to The Elitist.

Now you are probably asking yourself, what does this mean for you as the community…well it means a lot seeing that we will be integrating you into the invasion. Do you have questions you would like addressed? Well we can assist. Simply email your questions to [email protected] with the Subject Line – WAR Invasion. We will compile the questions and present them to the Developers.

Now we must stress that secrecy is key to our invasion working properly. This means that the Developers cannot know that we are showing up. If they were to find out, then they could prepare answers, a nice fruit platter, a bowl of Green M&M’s and maybe even some swag for us to give away.

Gather your questions, feedback, beef brisket, and boxed wine, and help us make this journey a success. Who knows…rumor has it that there happen to be some Games Workshop Table Top players there, and we might just get lucky enough to have a chance to stomp them into the ground.

So get those emails put together, and don’t tell the devs.