Please read the Planetary Interaction Report for June 2012 as it lists the progress in the market via  volume, price and more.



Depending on success, this could be a recurring feature.

Please also refer to our PI Guide which you can find on the NeoCom.


P1 Products

Massive volume throughput on POS fuel products, so easy to set up and run, but a review of our PI guide for more advanced PI setups is adviced.



~16% Market share and the next highest volume throughput makes this a stable and easily absorbable product for mining planets with minimal turnaround time.



With a ~13% market share this is the product with the highest volume throughput. Due to a high demand but even higher supply, the security in the market means the price is lower than other P1 products at a little under 200 ISK per unit.


Precious Metals

Good market share, but less market throughput than electrolytes with a ~11% market share. Price per unit is a bit better than oxygen at a little over 325 ISK.



Decent market share at ~11% with a similar volume throughput compared to Precious Metals means these products are pretty much neck’n’neck.


Other …

Due to volume throughput and M3 space required to effectively haul the products, the remaining comes with too high a volatility and risk to reccomend using as reliable income.


P2 Products

Mostly POS Fuel components, with a few worthless ones to shake things up a bit.



The P2 product with the higest market share, at ~30%. Highest volume throughput too. Seems the market for this product has gained momentum in demand vs supply lately resulting in a slight price increase.


Rocket Fuel

With a volume throughput about half that of Coolant, it has a lower market share ~16% but a good balance in supply vs demand means that the price has been stable even though trade volume has decreased a bit lately.


Enriched Uranium

Similar volume throughput compared to Rocket Fuel, but with a bit more demand means that the price has increased lately. With ~15% market share its still a good product, due to the tie-in with POS fuel.


Mechanical Parts

Due to the POS-fuel tie-in, this is also one of the P2 products with the best volume throughput. Ironically, because the volume throughput has been the reason for the decrease in price lately as overproduction has spotted and realized a drop in demand meaning the product comes in at a ~14% market share as people try and silently shed their products going stale in hangars around New Eden.


Other …

Due to a low volume throughput, the remaining P2 products are not adviceable as a reliable income as low volume = high price volatility.


P3 Products

Market consist of two main products, with a small surplus supply making up the remaining 14% of the market. Be aware that even though you can propably produce some of the P3 products on one planet, does not mean you should.



With a ~65% market share, it remains the single biggest contributor to the PI market. Fairly stable supply vs demand means that even though volume throughput has gone down a bit lately, price has largely remained the same. Easy and reliable PI income.


Guidance Systems

Decent market share, at ~12% but a lower price compared to robotics. Market throughput seems to have found a good balance in supply vs demand and as a result price has had a positive growth lately.


Other …

Due to low volume of remaining P3 products, there is too much risk involved in getting a reliable income. I’d advice against going into P3 production with remaining products unless you can consume the products singlehandedly.

P4 Products

The only PI category with a fairly balanced product overview, seing as they are all used to build various POS modules.


Broadcast Node
Due to the integration in structure modules, as long as stations are built there will be a supply for this. It has a ~16% market share but isn’t the one with the highest volume throughput and suffered from a 35% drop in volume throughput lately, indicating an overproduction as price only dropped 16% last month.
Keep an eye on large scale war campaigns and recruitment drives as this usually means a surge in members setting up new POS mods but keep in mind that the market likely still needs to stabilize itself.


Sterile Conduits

Similar to above, this is a POS product which means less throughput but a fairly steady (albeit low) demand. A bit lower market share ~15% but has has lost less volume throughput and even less price per product indicating that the market may have suffered from overproduction, but supply was less than that of Broadcast Nodes as price only suffered from a 2% drop last month.


Self-Harmonizing Power Core

Another POS product, but with a lower volume, drop in volume throughput of 35% last month and a price drop of 5% and a 13% market share.


Organic Mortar Applicators

Very high volume throughput and a resulting volume drop of 30% only followed by a drop in price of 3% indicating a good balance between supply and demand. Low price volatility gives an indication of a healthy market relationship, while there may still be room for a slight stagnation/drop in price if people surge to the product.



With the highest volume throughput in the category, it narrowly takes the lead over Sterile Conduits, while having a higher price drop last month @ -9%, likely due to overproduction and a disproportionate relationship between supply and demand. Out of all the P4 products though, this is the one with the lowest volume throughput drop at only ~9%. Despite a lower price, it still comes in at a ~12% market share which means its a fairly stable production good.


Integrity Response Drones

Even though volume throughput isn’t high, it dropped ~21% last month accompagnied by a ~19% price drop indicating an overproduction in the market. With ~11% market share, it remains a product that while in demand, should avoided for a few weeks while the market stabilizes itself and supply drops, balancing out the supply vs demand.


Wetware Mainframe

Very low volume throughput in the market with an even higher volume drop last month (~32%), also indicating an overproduction being adjusted. Price droppped ~11% though, which indicates the disproportion may not be that big after all. While market adjusts further, its not adviced to go into production with this good either.


Recursive Computing Module

High volatility in the market indicated by a volume throughput drop of a staggering 36% while price managed to increase by ~13% last month. Caution is adviced as this volatility may simply be due to market speculations (due to low throughput). Actual demand may be lower than indicated by the market.


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