First two fighting days in the group stages was kicked off this weekend with a few teams taking the lead with 2 x full point wins (125 point per match) for a total of 250 points. With 125 points more to claim, there is already a few teams with a massive lead at this point.

But this is the group stages, so some relevance is only possible in certain groups.

Out of 3 battles, 2 has been concluded so far with top leads taking home 250 points. That means within each group, some has a lead and will be moving on to the finals.



Concluded Groups

The B-group (with Agony and G0dfathers), C-group (with Mildly Intoxicated and TEST), E-group (with Exodus. and Heretic Nation) and the F-group (with Darkside. and Raiden.) are the only groups where both teams raked in point wins and are facing eachother with +200 points each. It will be very interesting to see the conclusion of those groups, but all 6 are sure to proceed to the finals in either case.


Open Groups

Some teams have suffered from not getting enough points during the first 2 matches to become relevant on the 3rd day, while groups D, G and H will be very interesting matches to witness as out of 12 teams, 10 still have relevance.

Even though Kill It With Fire aren’t able to proceed with a mere 22 points, due to the other 3 teams being interested in progressing and all 3 having the oppertunity to point-wise being in a position to do it, its possible that their final points will be purchased (despite the tournament rules preventing rigged fights). Only one team is in a position to do that; Rote Kapelle – which means that if they do that – Red vs Blue and Pandemic Legion will be giving their best to proceed to the finals in their match on 21st of July @ 20.40 EVE time.

I’d hit it; Its propably going to be the most interesting match as both teams want to proceed and all points matter.

Teams who will be fighting over points at the last group fight on july 21st will be:

  • Group A: Black Legion., Nulli Secunda, Choke Point.
  • Group D: Verge of Collapse, Capital Punishment, Goonswarm Federation
  • Group G: Shadow Cartel, Suddenly Spaceships., Gypsy Band, PERCUSSIVE PIZZA TIME DIPLOMACY
  • Group H: Red vs Blue, Pandemic Legion, Rote Kapelle