Due to popular request Funcom has taken their In-Game store to an out of game website. You can still take care of all of your shopping needs in game, but now you can also claim items by going to their out-of-game website.
Recently I requested a way to view the store items outside of the game. At the time, a friendly GM said this wasn’t possible. Well now it is! If you have an account you can leisurely flip through all the choices to spend your coins on.
A drop-down menu allows you to choose what character you’re claiming the items on, so you can even plan your The Secret World outfits during your lunch break at work if you desire!
Here is a screenshot I took from the webpage:

Here’s the Funcom Announcement:

We hope that you have had a chance to check out our in-game store service! The store had more than 600 items on offer at launch, and keeps on growing! Every week we have introduced new items and campaigns – and have several exciting new items and services coming in!

We do not sell items that gives you power in the game, but we sell fun stuff like fireworks and nice additions like social pets, cool titles and awesome clothing that you cannot find elsewhere in the game.

Last week we launched a fully new outfit – the “Original Gangster” look. Time to own the streets, no? In addition we have added several new color flavors of the Racing Jacket.

We have also opened an out-of-game Item Store! That’s right, you can now shop from wherever you are! When you purchase items in this store, the items will be waiting for you when you log in.

Note that we have unique daily and weekly offers – so check out the store often to see if you find that little extra to top off your time in The Secret World.