With the fanbase of The Secret World growing and anticipation of the Third Open Beta the weekend of June 15, 2012 – June 17, 2012, some of us are just bouncing off the walls with exitement.
Most recently Alienware has jumped onto the beta bandwagon with what they are calling “The Secret World Closed Beta Giveaway”. (Editors note: It is my understanding that this weekend is
an open beta non NDA weekend and if you’ve already gotten a key you wont need another) Please note closed beta implies that the NDA is still in place so be careful with this until
the NDA lift can be verified for this weekend.
A link to the Alienware giveaway can be found here.

Additionally we want to share with you some fan created wallpapers. Created by NexusTen over on the official TSW forums , we are grateful he has allowed us to share these with our The Secret World Fans.
Please enjoy.

If you have created any fanfare that you’d like us to share please be in contact with [email protected]

Please join us over on The Secret World Stratics Forums for some pre-beta chat!