Fun news from Funcom! Funcom has announced it’s first seasonal event for The Secret World. The Halloween event is currently live and includes a new story-line with new missions and even secret society competitions! You can imagine that for an MMO based on Myths, Legends, and Mysteries Halloween will be amazing in The Secret World.

All part of Issue #3 (What TSW is calling their live content updates) The Cat God, players will find a challenging storyline that will take them back to the wondrous Stonehenge where they must face off against the Cat God himself! Everything is true but the truth is often not what it appears. The real truth is for us to discover.

Also, what Halloween would be complete without costumes! Available now in game your character can dress up as a princess, a pirate and other fun characters. Trick or Treat at your own risk!

To learn more about the Halloween event and the secret society competitions please visit the website at